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Welcome to BriteLiteDyed! We are excited your here, we thought we would give you a couple inside information about our website, what we have to offer and how you can find what your looking for! We have made a huge change in how we are running our online shopping, to better your shopping experience! We want it to be easy and simple as possible to order and we also want your transactions to run smoothly and stream line things! 

Sheet Sets
Bath Robes
Toddler Shoes
Adult Shoes
Duvet Sets
Comforter Woven Blankets
Shower Curtain
Maternity Wear
Cotton Yarn
Cotton and Velour Fabric
Babywearing Wraps
Let me know what will make your experience even more magical!

BriteLiteDyed provides unique, one of a kind, tie dye. We use professional products to provide quality and beauty. We want your collection to last forever and be a key prize to your wardrobe or home! Tie dying is a lifestyle for us at BriteLiteDyed! We work in smaller batches so that we pay attention to detail! We LOVE creating one of a kind pieces, some patterns and color pallets can be worked again, however the outcome can be completely different. Making each piece truly one of a kind! Rachael, the owner and creator of BriteLiteDyed is known to be passionate about her work and life.

BriteLiteDyed offers hand dyed garments and household linens. We want to paint your world rainbow! The most important thing is for you to absolutely fall in LOVE with your BriteLiteDyed tie dye! We believe in great customer service and will do everything to insure we bring you the biggest smile. That is our favorite part!

We try to keep a variety of inventory, ready to ship and typically will ship no later than 5 business days from purchase and we also have custom listings. We really want you to enjoy your tie dye art, we always want you to love it as much as we do! So, if there are any issues PLEASE email us at britelitedyed@yahoo.com. Most of the time large projects, such as sheet sets, Shower Curtains or low demand options are typically made to order. However, you should ALWAYS check back, we often have one or two special editions! Alot of times, we are looking for unique items to put in the shop that you may not see anywhere else! If you have ideas, we want to hear them!


We had sales and giveaways sporadically, mostly just waking up in good moods will determine our sales so PLEASE follow the Shop Blog, Facebook and Instagram to insure you get in on the sales!

BriteLiteDyed is a pet friendly, smoke free, home based business. 

Tie Dye - Tye Dye - Artist - New Braunfels

Hello! I am Rachael, owner/dyer/business babe and creative behind BriteLiteDyed. It is only me on this journey, I do the shopping, the creating, the social/updating and the shipping behind BriteLiteDyed. BLD is an online and local market tie dye apparel business with exceptional quality. I started this business 2.5 years ago and it was the best decision of my life. I have met some of the most incredible souls and artist through this journey. For me, BriteLiteDyed is a full time job but I am also a birth & portrait photographer, a Mother and a wife. At times I wonder if I'm going to balance everything, I'm so blessed to have such a full life. I couldn't be more grateful. My family are the only reason BLD exists. My customer service is very important to me and I strive to make you all happy and pass on that contagious smile. That smile makes someone's day. I want to thank each and every one of you that has support BLD, that has liked or said nice things, those that have made orders and keep coming back, I could never say thank you enough. You are putting out so much good into the world, I want you to know that! I would love to hear from more of you, I try my best to get back to you and connect. Thank you!I started BriteLiteDyed in July of 2014 when I discovered my insatiable love for tie dyeing. It started with a tie dyeing kit from Hobby Lobby and a trip to Utah to the Young Living Essential Oil Convention.

In June of 2014 I had a trip planned to Utah for the Young Living Essential Oils convention and I was thinking of ways to make some extra funds for my trip. I thought of my kit, decided to try it out and was pretty good at it! I asked all my family and friends if they'd be interested in buying a hand dyed, personalized painted shirt and I received great feedback. My friends and family are the best!

I dyed and painted (names or small phrases on the front or back) all the shirts and found my love had grown even more for this art. I had never liked tie dye growing up but when I was older I found there WAS a way to get bright vivid color and while making this side money, I found that I wanted to grow a business doing spreading more bright vivid color. So, in July when I came back from convention, I started growing my business. I opened an Etsy shop about three weeks after I decided to persue this and was creating with kits from Hobby Lobby. I did extensive research on where to get the best quality products and started buying professional quality right after.

From the very first dollar, I have consistently put profits and personal monies into group the business, growing my skills and creating gorgeous pieces. My goal is to bring smiles and great customer service to the consumer world. Community is very important to me and I try my hardest to give that community to my customers.