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Hi guys, how are things with you all? I hope your life is nothing but positivity and growth! I am having TONS of that over here, growth especially! I have learned so much about business over the past year, learning about both of my businesses separately has helped tremendously in growing them collectively. I don't combine my businesses but with almost anything business related, if I learn it for one of them, I have learned it for both of them.

I like change and I adapt to it pretty well, you might have noticed in the past year, my website has changed dramatically. I am here to tell you, I am doing it again! You will start to see new changes in the website, the flow and the brand. I am currently working on getting all of the inventory on this website to help better transaction flow, to help create the brand that I am looking for with my business and also to give you guys more options than just Etsy. The website will be clean, clear and easy to navigate. I am also working on a rewards program. For three years some of you have been so very loyal to me and my art, some of you have grown your BLD collection and support me on a weekly basis. So, for you friends, I wanted to create a thank you in the best way I know how, with more BLD!

What will happen to my Etsy? It will remain open for the time being, I have over 400 items in there, so alot of money spent that I am just not willing to lose. I work hard, I invest hard and in the past year I have grown my business by 100%. Some folks love Etsy and love being able to find my inventory on Etsy. So for now, I will keep up with the website AND Etsy, but I will post new products ONLY on my website. I will keep you guys informed through the newsletter and blogging so be sure to sign up for the newsletter, so you will know EXACTLY when new product as arrived, my giveaways and Custom orders. There will be some pros and cons to using either platform but one of the pros to the website, you will have the opportunity to be rewarded for being a loyal customer of BriteLiteDyed!

I am eagerly and diligently working hard to bring you all new styles and options for the upcoming Spring & Summer seasons! Maxi dresses, crop tops and tanks GALORE! I am focusing on fun, bright and bold shades with a variety of different designs and colorways! I have also started offering fabric options!

I will have a "GRAND OPENING" online once I have completed the shop (looking at about a month from now but you will be available to purchase on the website immediately), make sure you sign up for that newsletter to find out when, there will be incentives, fun and lots of tie dye!

Thanks for reading, I hope you love all the new changes. If you have any suggestions on anything to do with my business, I would love to hear, just shoot me an email

Thank you all! I love you! - Rachael