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I am so excited to announce that I am FINALLY keeping hand dyed fabric in stock and will be taking limited custom orders. For a couple years now, I have purchased some small quantities of various different fabrics and have dyed some beautiful stuff but I longed for a bolt of organic bamboo velour. While growing my business, I focused on clothing and home linens as my main squeeze. This kept me from really investing in this soft luscious fabric. I had some experience with dyeing it and I know I could create some really awesome stuff with it and keeping it in stock regularly. The best part is to see someone else being creative with my dyed fabric, a creators collaboration. THAT is why I wanted this so bad. 


I had my first live organic bamboo stocking from this bolt in my facebook group ( find that here!) and it went well! I learned some things to make the next time run smoother but it was lots of fun and the enthusiasm is brilliant! Really inspiring, too!

I am planning for my next organic bamboo velour live stocking in my Facebook group on Jan 29th 2018 at 8PM Central Time. I would LOVE to see you there! Know any crafters, sewers or folks who LOVE hand dyed organic bamboo velour ( and other fabrics like cotton, knit and hemp) then share this link with them! Don't forget to share all of your creations with BriteLiteDyed tie dyed fabric, it is truly an honor and joy for me to see them all! <3



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